A peneira da mulher Makuwa (origens e mitos)

Cardoso, Justino

Illustrator country: Mozambique

Scenarist: Cardoso, Justino

Scenarist country: Mozambique

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: magic; traditions; village; woman


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2003-2004


Published in: edited by S. Federici e A. Marchesini Reggiani, Africa Comics 2003, Lai-momo, Sasso Marconi 2004

The sieve of the Makuwa women (origins and myths) – The strips show the training of the “sieve” during the female initiation. The sieve is a polyvalent instrument. It can be used to wash cereals, for fishing and to carry children. The spirits of the sieve forbid its burning. It is also useful for harvesting and for getting in touch with the divine, for celebrating funerals and officialising oaths.

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Technique: Felt tip pen and collage on paper; Pencil

Black and White

Original drawings

Year: 2000

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 692 / coll. CX20.MOZ.CARDOSO.2

Number of sheets: 8

Notes: The pages from second to fifth on verso report the number of the page - The seventh page on verso: Justino Cardoso, 6 - The last page on verso: originale; but it seems a copy