Lund, Kate

Illustrator country: South Africa

Scenarist: Lund, Kate

Scenarist country: South Africa

Language: English

Keywords: alcohol; party; war; youth


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2003-2004

On TV the News brings reports on the war in Iraq, while a group of young men have fun in their living room where they’re having a party. They drink a lot and end up sleeping, drunk, on the couches. The TV keeps streaming reports on the war, until one of the guys switches it off because hearing about the war irritates him.

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Digital print

Dimensions: 31,7 x 43,5 cm

Inventory: inv. 862 / coll. PR3.SA.LUND.1

Number of sheets: 5

Notes: Each page on verso reports the number of the page