Dakar meuble

Diaw, Amadou

Illustrator country: Senegal

Scenarist: Diaw, Amadou

Scenarist country: Senegal

Language: French

Keywords: Dakar; fraud; migration; visa

Mobile Dakar – Mbaye works in one of the biggest factories in Dakar. After bumping into his old friend Ali, who was immigrated in Europe and now is rich, he decides to move as well. Her mother gives him the money for the “false” visa, but the negotiator disappears after taking the money.

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Technique: Watercolor and felt tip pen on paper

Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 33 x 47 cm

Inventory: inv. 1446 / coll. CX30.SENEGAL.DIAW.3

Number of sheets: 4

Notes: Each page on verso reports Author's e-mail