Droit de l’homme. Deux jumeaux. Makiadi et Makiese. Le martyr

N’jore, Blaise

Illustrator country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scenarist: N’jore, Blaise

Scenarist country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Language: French

Keywords: criminality; human rights; justice; police; trial


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2002

Human rights. Two twins. Makiadi and Makiese. The martyrdom – Makiadi takes part in a fight and he fatally wounds an agent. He runs away and goes to visit his brother, Makiese; his brother tells him to take off his shirt, which is stained with blood. The police arrive at the flat and arrest Makiese instead of his brother; they take him to prison and torture him to death.

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Technique: Pencil


Original drawings

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 309 / coll. CX28.CONGO.NJORE.1

Number of sheets: 3

Notes: The first page on verso: Blaise N'Jore, La source n. 2, Lemba - The second page on verso: Balise N'Jore - The last page on verso reports the Author's name and address