Goorgoorlou présente Western Union (Campagne publicitaire)

Mendy, Alphonse (aka T.T. Fons)

Illustrator country: Senegal

Scenarist: Mendy, Alphonse (aka T.T. Fons)

Scenarist country: Senegal

Language: French

Keywords: food; migration; money; poverty

Goorgoorlou presents Western Union (advertisement campaign) – Goorgoorlou wants to have chicken for lunch but he’s got no money to buy a chicken. So he thinks about asking his nephew who lives in Italy to send him some money through Western Union, so that he can receive it right away and buy his chicken for lunch.

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Black and White

Digital print

Year: 1999

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 981 / coll. PR3.SENEGAL.TTFONS.7

Number of sheets: 2