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Diantantu, Serge

Illustrator country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scenarist: Diantantu, Serge

Scenarist country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Language: French

Keywords: elections; interview; money; unsuitableness

A big man – Mr. “Big Man”, a candidate for the presidential elections, is interviewed by the television. He presents himself as a man with lots of money, surrounded by women.  When questioned by the journalist about his manifesto to solve the problems of the country, he affirms to have a lot of friends and to love eating chicken.

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Story writer: Ngalle Edimo, Christophe (aka Edimo)

Story writer country: Cameroon


Digital print

Year: 2001

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 1596 / coll. PR1.CONGO.DIANTANTU.2

Number of sheets: 1