Les aventures d’Abeng et Bivougou

Okala, Segue Fidele Marlen

Illustrator country: Cameroon

Scenarist: Okala, Segue Fidele Marlen

Scenarist country: Cameroon

Language: French

Keywords: children; discrimination; human rights; man-woman relationship; money

The adventures of Abeng and Biyougou – A woman stops a man in his car, asking him for 1,000 francs because she sold him a plot of land but he hasn’t paid for it yet. The children who are watching the scene take place tell the man that rights must be respected without gender or ethnic discrimination, and so they force him to pay.

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Technique: Ink on paper

Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 157 / coll. CX10.CAMEROON.OKALA.1

Number of sheets: 3