Les deux athlètes

Mona Mangani, Rodrigue

Illustrator country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scenarist: Mona Mangani, Rodrigue

Scenarist country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Language: French

Keywords: friendship; migration; Olympic games; Sport


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2007-2008


Published in: edited by S. Federici e A. Marchesini Reggiani, Africa Comics 2007-2008, Lai-momo, Sasso Marconi 2009 ISBN: 978-88-89581-292

The 2 athletes – In an unspecified city in Africa, two athlete friends dream of participating in the Olympic games in London. The dream comes true and they obtain the visa, but one of the two declares his intention to not return home after the competition and to live illegally in England. The lives of the two friends separate, but no one will be fortunate

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Technique: Ink and watercolor on paper


Original drawings

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 150 / coll. CX28.CONGO.MONA.1

Number of sheets: 4