Sokrou, ou Les méfaits des sacs plastiques

Akligo, Joseph Kodjo (aka Jo Palmer)

Illustrator country: Togo

Scenarist: Akligo, Joseph Kodjo (aka Jo Palmer)

Scenarist country: Togo

Language: French

Keywords: children; food; poverty; school

Sokrou, or the Crime of the plastic bags –  After a severe bout of food poisoning that affected several children, no one buys food anymore at Yanibon’s because she uses plastic bags in her food.

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Black and White

Digital print sent by the Author

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 966 / coll. PR3.TOGO.PALMER.5

Number of sheets: 1

Notes: The page is printed on both sides - The comic is an extract from Sokrou. Ou les méfaits des sacs plastiques / Michel-Robert Gomez [et al.]. - [S.l.] : Les éditions du Flamboyant, 1998.