Tengo derechos a… (a qué?)

Esono Ebalé, Ramón (aka Jamón y Queso)

Illustrator country: Guinea

Scenarist: Dougan, Susana

Scenarist country: Guinea

Language: Spanish

Keywords: dictatorship; human rights; prison; torture


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2005-2006

I have rights…(What?) – In a bar, two people discuss taxes, but the barman tells them they can’t speak about politics in his bar. A spy calls the police who arrive to take the barman away: he gets tortured despite claiming he’s innocent.

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Colorist: Esono Ebalé, Ramón (aka Jamón y Queso)

Colorist writer country: Guinea


Digital print sent by the Author

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 763 / coll. PR2.GUINEA.JAMON.1

Number of sheets: 3

Notes: Each page is made up of a smaller sheet glued on a 29,7 x 42 cm black sheet - Each page on verso: Ramón Ebalé, 2006, DU 35