Esale Bokungu, Dick

Illustrator country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scenarist: Esale Bokungu, Dick

Scenarist country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Language: French

Keywords: monster; power; village; violence


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2002

The Wassa village is in danger from of a terrible beast who kills all the villagers. The wise man of the village asks three warriors to kill it. Among them is a young woman with a mask which gives her supernatural powers. The other two warriors die but she succeeds in killing the monster. However the fight against evil is not yet over…

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Technique: Ink and tempera on paper

Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 303 / coll. CX25.CONGO.ESALE.1

Number of sheets: 4