Salla, Eric

Illustrator country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scenarist: Ngalle Edimo, Christophe (aka Edimo)

Scenarist country: Cameroon

Language: French

Keywords: migrants; poverty; solidarity

A man pretends to be a poor irregular migrant and shows up in a shelter where migrants live and cook together. They invite him to stay with them, but it’s just a way for him to get his friends in…

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Black and White

Digital print sent by the Author

Year: 2001

Dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm

Inventory: inv. 994 / coll. PR1.CONGO.SALLA.6

Number of sheets: 3

Notes: Each page on verso: Eric Salla, RD Congo, Afrique dessinée, and the Author's contact - The pages are numbered 3, 4 and 5