Weapon of the weak!

Fayemi, Kola

Illustrator country: Nigeria

Scenarist: Fayemi, Kola

Scenarist country: Nigeria

Language: English

Keywords: arrogance; beggar; city; magic; wealth


Participated to Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2002

In Lagos, a city full of beggars, a rich woman slaps an old hunchbacked homeless man for leaning on her car. She goes home and mistreats her husband, forcing him to clean and to cook for her, treating him like a slave. Meanwhile, the offended homeless man casts a spell on the rich woman and she wakes up with an infected hand and when she goes to hospital, the doctors tell her the only solution is to amputate it.

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Technique: watercolor and ink on paper


Original drawings

Dimensions: 2 sheets 27,8 x 42,2 cm, 1 sheet 28,2 x 43 cm

Inventory: inv. 552 / coll. CX23.NIGERIA.FAYEMI.2

Number of sheets: 3

Notes: The first page on verso reports the Author's name, country and contacts - The first page on the bottom of recto: P.T.O - The last two pages on the bottom of recto reports the title, the number of the page, and the Author's name