Entre la vie et la mort

Ngassu, Daniel Severin

Illustrator country: Cameroon

Scenarist: Ngassu, Daniel Severin

Scenarist country: Cameroon

Language: French

Keywords: death; hope; life; migration


Mention Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2005-2006, category “Stories of migration”


Published in: edited by S. Federici e A. Marchesini Reggiani, Africa Comics 2005-2006, Lai-momo, Sasso Marconi 2006 ISBN: 978-88-89581-23-0

Between life and death – In the last two years the draught has had terrible consequences for the population of Oumbinea; the population is now on the grip of famine; the only chance for survival lies in migration. However, the journey towards “the promised land” is too difficult, people are exhausted and many people die. After thirteen days of walking, they finally arrive to a transit camp. Safety is now close, the doors open on to new hopes.

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Technique: watercolor and ink on paper

Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 21 x 29,6 cm

Inventory: inv. 1397 / coll. CX9.CAMEROON.NGASSU.7

Number of sheets: 4

Notes: Each page on verso: Daniel Severin Ngassu. 2006 / SM 9