IMBOA. 1. Le roi et Ifara.

Randriamanantena, Didier (aka Didier Mada-Bd)

Illustrator country: Madagascar

Scenarist: Randriamanantena, Didier (aka Didier Mada-Bd)

Scenarist country: Madagascar

Language: French

Keywords: family; king; mother; murder; research

IMBOA. 1. The king and Ifara – Before leaving for the war, the king Andriambahoaka gives instructions to his family in order to keep an eye on Ifara – one of his three wives, who is pregnant – because he thinks that she is bewitched. But the two other wives change the newborn, Imboa, with a broom and give him to their slave. Later, they poison Ifara who dies. When Imboa grows up, he starts asking about his mother and the slave tells him that she is buried in the south. Imboa leaves and in the meantime Andriambahoaka comes back from the war.

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Technique: Tempera and watercolor on paper


Original drawings

Dimensions: 29,6 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 1451 / coll. CX18.MADA.MADABD.5

Number of sheets: 32

Notes: Each page on recto reports the Author's signature.