King Lizard and the Emerald Woman

Kannemeyer, Mark (aka Lorcan White)

Illustrator country: South Africa

Scenarist: Kannemeyer, Mark (aka Lorcan White)

Scenarist country: South Africa

Language: English

Keywords: homicide; magic; woman

King Lizard travels by car with a woman. He makes her drink a potion which makes her faint and she dies against a pole. Then he dates another woman, kills her and wears her eyes around his neck.

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Technique: Ink

Color / Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 1 sheet 28,1 x 41 cm, 2 sheets 32 x 45,5 cm

Inventory: inv. 723 / coll. CX35.SA.LORCAN.2

Number of sheets: 3

Notes: The first page is made up of more pieces of sheet glued together - Each page on the bottom of recto reports the number of the page - Each page on verso reports the Author's name - The first page on verso has some sketches