Les laissés-pour-compte de Kitokoville

Badika Nzila, Valéry (aka Badik'Art)

Illustrator country: Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)

Scenarist: Badika Nzila, Valéry (aka Badik'Art)

Scenarist country: Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)

Language: French

Keywords: Africa; capital; exploitation


First prize ex-aequo Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2009-2010, category "Comics on poverty"


Published in: edited by S. Federici e A. Marchesini Reggiani, Africa Comics 2009-2010, Lai-momo, Sasso Marconi 2010 ISBN: 978-88-89581-28-5

The Kitokoville outcasts – Kitokoville is an African capital where people live in a condition of extreme poverty, in spite of the great natural resources, exploited by men without scruples.

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Digital print

Dimensions: 32 x 40cm

Inventory: inv. 1557 / coll. PR1.BRAZZA.BADIKART.2

Number of sheets: 4