Oulaï, pour que cesse l’excision

Ndar Cissé, Samba

Illustrator country: Senegal

Scenarist: Ndar Cissé, Samba

Scenarist country: Senegal

Language: French

Keywords: circumcision; family; health; traditions


First prize ex-aequo Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2005-2006, category "Human Rights"


Published in: edited by S. Federici e A. Marchesini Reggiani, Africa Comics 2005-2006, Lai-momo, Sasso Marconi 2006 ISBN: 978-88-89581-23-0

Oulaï. Putting a stop to infibulation – A drumbeat signals the initiation ceremony of the future Amazons: amongst the young girls subjected to this form of circumcision, the bravest will be married to the young prince. So, the day after, in front of the king and an excited crowd, two children die because of the infection;the winner gets to marry the prince but will eventually die whilst giving birth to their daughter. After listening to this story, Oulaï’s grand-daughter finds out that she too is an Amazon and therefore fears the same fate as her grandmother. But her mum reassures her by telling her that she won’t let anyone practice infibulation upon her.

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Technique: Tempera and watercolor on paper


Original drawings

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Exhibited where: Exhibited in New York, The Africa Comics Exhibition, Studio Museum in Harlem, November 15, 2006 – March 18, 2007

Inventory: inv. 178 / coll. CX31.SENEGAL.NDAR.1

Number of sheets: 5

Notes: Each page on verso reports the Author's address, 2006 / DU 30 and an Author's personal stamp