Raïs, Brahim

Illustrator country: Morocco

Scenarist: Raïs, Brahim

Scenarist country: Morocco

Language: French

Keywords: dictatorship; dignity; human rights; humiliation; revolution; violence


First prize Africa e Mediterraneo Award 2011-2013, category "Free Subject"

Riot – The protagonist lives in a world like ours but ruled by dictatorship and disrespect for human values. He tries to advocate his cause and his rights to survive and feed his family, and looks for a job so he can live with dignity. Unfortunately, everybody ignores him for decades and insults, tortures and chases him away. This humiliated, attacked, and desperate person sets himself on fire in front of the dictator’s headquarters which provokes a riot that spreads to several Arab countries.

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Technique: Pencil and felt tip pen on paper

Black and White

Original drawings

Dimensions: 29,7 x 42 cm

Inventory: inv. 443 / coll. CX19.MOROCCO.RAIS.1

Number of sheets: 4